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August 13, 2022

3 o'clock lock the necessary diapers for raising babies.

3 o'clock lock the necessary diapers for raising babies.

latest company news about 3 o'clock lock the necessary diapers for raising babies.  0latest company news about 3 o'clock lock the necessary diapers for raising babies.  1

If you say something that is necessary for raising a baby, diapers are definitely in the first echelon. Babies aged 0-3 months need to urinate 7 times and defecate 3 times a day on average, and need to change a diaper every 2-3 hours. After all, I actually use 8-12 diapers a day, and nearly 300 diapers a month! ! !

So do mothers really choose diapers? Did your baby like the diaper you chose?

1. Is it clean and hygienic?

Diapers are items that babies often come into contact with, and their basic requirement is to be clean and hygienic. The manufacturer of Kuanqito Hengbreathing baby diapers, Ailasen Medical Products Co., Ltd., is a medical-grade demonstration unit of disposable hygiene products. It has a clean workshop of 300,000 grades for the pharmaceutical industry, and has passed the Swiss SGS product certification and medical-grade product certification. Wait, health and safety are guaranteed, and parents and mothers are more at ease.

2. Is it strong absorption

The absorptive capacity of diapers has always been the focus of parents and mothers. The diapers with strong absorption and good water-locking effect have a short contact time between urine and baby's butt, which can reduce the occurrence of red butt. Cool Anchito · Hengbreathing baby diaper adopts a composite core, with a layered design of water-absorbing materials. The upper layer of the core is added with BASF water-absorbing beads, which can achieve rapid infiltration and no leakage of urine; the lower layer is made of Japanese polymer SAP The magic water-absorbing beads can better lock the moisture; the high-quality fiber layer that can quickly penetrate and absorb quickly is used in the middle, so that this core can easily lock 800ml* of liquid, so that the baby's butt can be refreshed every moment.

3. Is it close to the body and comfortable

The comfort of the diaper determines the baby's experience, and a comfortable diaper can make the baby sleep soundly all night. Cool Anchito · Hengbreathing baby diapers use a widened and enlarged 360-degree three-dimensional embracing close-fitting large waist, and the width is increased by 20%. According to the Asian baby's body design, it fits the baby's body shape, making the baby more comfortable and comfortable when moving, and can sleep all night more sweetly at night.

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