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August 12, 2022

How poor is it to be considered a "sanitary napkin girl".Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery

How poor is it to be considered a "sanitary napkin girl".Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery

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I met Chen Li because of a sanitary napkin.

At that time, I was taking a meditation class, and there were only 70 or 80 people in the 200-seat lecture hall.

I was playing with my phone with my head down, and a few taps on the back made me almost jump up.

When she turned around, she met Chen Li's black-yellow-black-yellow face. Her skin was a little rough, and she had a mushroom head.

In embarrassment, he leaned closer to my ear and asked softly, "Did you bring some buns? Could you lend me a piece?"

small bread? It's been a while since I heard the cute way of referring to sanitary pads as "buns".

I was so happy, I went back and took out the sanitary napkin from the small schoolbag, and handed it to her from the top of the table.

After class, she insisted on adding me on WeChat, saying that she will pay me back next time.

I thought to myself, I just borrowed a sanitary napkin and returned it, and it was so annoying.

What's more, if I can see you or not in the next class, I will say it again, wave my hand and say it's okay, don't pay it back.

But in the end, she couldn't beat her, left WeChat, and received her returned sanitary napkin a few days later.


Another impression of her is in the cafeteria and bathroom.

She always looks bitter, embarrassment is the most expression I see on her face.

Sometimes after class late, in the cafeteria, I can always see her sitting alone in the corner at a glance.

Generally, when I see someone alone, I don't think that he is alone.

But Chen Li, she gave me the feeling that she felt pain all over her body.

At this time, if you meet her eyes again, you will sigh involuntarily and walk over to accompany her.

But when I walked up to her, she was embarrassed and buried in her own rice bowl, and I was in a dilemma for a while.

I thought to myself: I'm afraid I'm doing the wrong thing.

Her rice plate is a large portion of white rice, and other than that, there is a small amount of green vegetables.

I used to only vaguely think that her family was ordinary, and then I knew that she was so poor.

I told my mom about it and asked her if it was okay for me to invite her to share an extra dish on the grounds that I couldn't finish it all.

My mother shook her head at me at the camera: she said no.

"You hurt people's self-esteem like this. You don't care, you don't care."

I nodded, but still couldn't let go.

Later, I saw her at the door of the bathroom, across from a bathroom.

She was carrying a dark gray basin, in which lay a coffee-colored towel and a bar of sulphur soap.

I thought to myself she should use more bright colors, bright colors would make it brighter and maybe not look as bitter.

But you can't ask a person in a difficult life to be lively and cheerful, as bright as the sun.

She suddenly raised her head and saw me, gave me a somewhat restrained smile, and I smiled back.

I thought in my mind that the note she gave me should be some kind of "sanitary napkin girl", so I asked the name again.

In this way, even if it is an official acquaintance.


In retrospect, every interaction with her was inseparable from "borrowing things".

From textbooks for elective courses, earphones for CET-4 and CET-6 exams, financial calculators for exams, to formal attire when taking ID photos... As long as she comes to me, I agree with Tongtong.

There was no hesitation or impatience. Even if I wanted to use it myself, I borrowed it from her first, and then borrowed it from my roommate.

But she was always stung by her embarrassed look.

She is a very sensitive person, so be very careful with her, I am afraid to see an embarrassed expression on her face, I really don't want to see it.

This makes me feel like the survivor Lam Yihan said in "Fang Siqi's Paradise of First Love".

I was ashamed for no reason, ashamed of the good life I had.

She first asked on WeChat, and then carefully knocked on the door of my dormitory. I let her in, but she didn't want to, so she waited for me at the door with her clothes twisted, looking pitiful.

I was busy finding things and handing them to her, she said thank you, thank you...then hugged the things and trotted away.

I've heard my roommate say more than once that she looks like the heroine of a bitter drama, and it sounds like it to them.

Reminds me of the little flower who was adopted by the old man in the countryside in the hit drama "Warm Spring" that I watched when I was a child.

Although I thought so in my heart, I have never told anyone about it, and it is always bad to talk behind my back.

One day I took my laptop to the computer room to take a class. The teacher asked us to install SPSS software on the computer that we brought, and to leave homework for practice after class.

He swept his eyes and said with a smile: They are all college students, and they will not be without computers.

My hand dangling over the keyboard suddenly froze: someone didn't.

Chen Li, who doesn't even have a calculator, how can she have the money to buy a computer?

Sure enough, not long after, she began to borrow a computer from me, but it was really inconvenient to borrow something so commonly used as a computer.

I rejected her several times, and she rubbed her hands nervously and said: It's okay, it's okay...I...I'll find someone else...

Since then, she has come to me to borrow things significantly less often.

I looked at her and suddenly wanted to cry, and I didn't even know why.

In fact, I did cry with snot and tears all over my face, and then called my mother.

She is too sensitive. I may have hurt her. But I really did nothing wrong.

Helping others is a happy thing, but when I helped Chen Li, to be honest, I was not happy, and even had some pain.Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery


When my roommate saw that I had less contact with her, he came over and asked me: Do you also know that her hands and feet are not very clean?

also? ?

She dragged the chair over, sat back and hugged the back of the chair and said, "Really, I saw it. She sneaked away the takeaway hanging on the door of another dormitory.

After hearing this, I was startled, and waved my hands in denial. I don't believe she is not like that.

The roommate also said: Really, the next dormitory lost the takeaway, and I was so angry that I cursed. I didn't expect it, it looks pretty honest.

Now I have nothing to say, I open my mouth, I don't know what I'm thinking.

I remember seeing her in the laundry room a few times when she hurriedly poured out the laundry detergent, it seemed the bottle was different each time.

I was silent for a while and asked my roommate: Does anyone else know about this? Many times?

She said no, she was the only one who saw it at the time, and she didn't tell anyone else. She had only seen it once, and had never heard of anyone losing their takeaway again.

I suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and discussed with my roommate: Don't tell anyone.Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery

I can't even imagine what she would do if she was exposed and reported.


I really became friends with her when I was in my junior year and approaching my senior year.

After more than two years of work-study and part-time work, as well as uninterrupted saving money, she finally saved enough money to buy a computer and eat well.

She doesn't look so twisted and has more color on her body.

I also saw less embarrassment on her face, and she walked up to me with a smile on her face.

She said, "In junior high school, many female classmates went hungry because they wanted to buy aunt towels. It may be hard to imagine that someone has to choose between menstrual supplies and food, but it's a real thing."Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery

She was born in a deep underground mountain in a poverty-stricken county in Jiangxi Province. The mountains trapped the entire village and the people living in it.

Before going to middle school, she had never walked out of the mountain, but in order to go to school, she had to climb the mountain and walk three hours to the town.

Although nine-year compulsory education has been popularized, farming at home is still enough to eat, but reading is time-consuming and expensive. Not everyone will let their children go to school. She has won it with great difficulty, relying on excellent grades, and " promise to repay in the future.”

I usually live in the school's dormitory's Datong Pu, and my family pays 20 yuan for food a week. I can only eat the white rice in the cafeteria, and I have the dried vegetables or chili sauce that I brought home. Two steamed buns in the morning, one yuan, and one white rice for lunch and dinner, three yuan in total, and one meal lasts for three years.

Paper towels and stationery are not included in the necessary expenses. To buy them, you can only save them from the meal when you are hungry. The same is true for sanitary napkins. It is not easy to save a sum of money to buy sanitary napkins from the monthly meal cost of 80 yuan.

"In the beginning, I was so hungry that I wanted to eat every meal, so I couldn't save money at all. I put on the tissue paper and put on my underwear, but the blood was still dripping everywhere, and the male classmates stood behind and laughed at me. I cried: why is it so painful."Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery

Later, one of her female teachers bought her sanitary napkins every month. The teacher wanted to touch her head, talk to her a lot, and comfort her, but she didn't seem to know how to speak, so she had to say, "Read hard and read it." ."

"I'm always making a difficult choice between my stomach and some necessities. Junior high school is sanitary pads, high school is teaching supplementary books, and college is all kinds of equipment. Embarrassment and hunger are the strongest feelings I have felt over the years. I don't know how I got here, so many years and so many things. I just remember the female teacher saying, read, everything will be fine. "

"You know, there was a time when there was a takeaway hanging at the door of the dormitory next door, and I smelled it. Even if I had eaten in the cafeteria, I was still hungry. I thought, why is it still bitter? After reading for so many years, I suffered for so long. I stole that takeaway, I really stole it, hid in the dormitory and ate it bit by bit, and after eating it, I thought, it doesn’t seem to be that delicious. That’s how I persevered. ."Jamaica Sanitary napkin machinery

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