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May 27, 2022

Is disposable gloves PE or PVC Nitrile glove machine

Is disposable gloves PE or PVC Nitrile glove machine

Now many Baoma like to make all kinds of food for their babies, so they often use disposable gloves. But after all, it is food for the baby, so Baoma will worry that the gloves are not safe enough. For example, is disposable gloves PE or PVC?

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1. Safety: PE disposable gloves are made of polyethylene. Generally, no harmful substances will be added to the material and the manufacturing process. It is a non-toxic and tasteless environmental protection material, so it is more suitable for use in the food industry; The raw material of PVC disposable gloves is PVC, and the production process will generally add plasticizers and other harmful substances, so PVC gloves are generally not recommended for use in the food industry.Nitrile glove machine


2. Flexibility: PVC gloves have strong tensile properties, are not easy to be damaged, and have good elasticity and softness. In this respect, PE gloves are worse than PVC gloves.Nitrile glove machine

3. Color transparency: PE gloves have high transparency and bright color; PVC gloves are less transparent and breathable.
Although PVC gloves are not suitable for use in the food industry because of certain toxicity, PVC gloves are widely used in the electronic industry and chemical industry because of their good dust and static resistance. However, if disposable gloves are used to make food, PE gloves are more safe, so it is recommended that Baoma use PE gloves or gloves made of other safer materials, not PVC gloves.

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