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August 3, 2022

Research Analysis And Development Trend Of China's Nitrile Gloves Industry From 2022 To 2028

Nitrile gloves were originally mainly produced in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia. In recent years, the number of domestic manufacturers of nitrile gloves has continued to increase. Domestic nitrile gloves manufacturers are mainly expanded from the original PVC gloves manufacturers. Malaysia is a large production base for nitrile gloves. Malaysia's Top Glove Corporation Berhad (Top Glove Co., Ltd.), Hartalega Holdings Berhad (Hartalega Holdings Co., Ltd.), Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd. (Keshan Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.) and other companies are all As a large-scale nitrile glove manufacturer, it occupies a large market share. The market competition of nitrile gloves belongs to the global competition. For a long time, the nitrile glove market has been occupied by Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, forming a relatively mature and stable market structure, with a high degree of marketization, relatively concentrated production areas, but no monopoly production enterprises. The introduction of nitrile production lines in China is relatively late, and the related technologies and production lines are mainly from Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia. However, China's industrial facilities, production costs, and environment have great advantages over Southeast Asian countries. Therefore, China's nitrile glove production has a great competitive advantage, and the quality and price are gradually accepted by customers.


According to the 2022-2028 China nitrile glove industry research analysis and development trend forecast report released by the Industry Research Network, nitrile glove products are naturally high-end products. Nitrile gloves are mainly used in high-end medical inspection, electronic processing, pharmaceutical and other industries. Such industries have higher requirements on the protection, dust resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and mechanical protection of nitrile gloves. Since the choice of nitrile gloves by customers means that they have high quality requirements, the market and living space of low-end nitrile gloves are constantly shrinking, and the production and sales of nitrile gloves are gradually concentrated on high-end products. The requirements are also getting higher and higher. Nitrile gloves have a higher barrier to entry. The production technology of nitrile gloves has been updated rapidly in recent years, and the new production technology represented by the unilateral two-hand mold process has greatly improved the production efficiency, and also gave new entrants an obvious latecomer advantage. At the same time, since the single-line input cost of the nitrile glove production line is much higher than that of PVC gloves, and the application of nitrile technology in China is not widespread, and there are fewer professional practitioners, the capital and technical thresholds of the nitrile glove industry are relatively high.

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