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August 10, 2022

The seriously ill father needs to change into adult diapers, and the daughter "wait for it": care about the difference between men and women?

The seriously ill father needs to change into adult diapers, and the daughter "wait for it": care about the difference between men and women?

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The difference between men and women has been mentioned in many places, especially in order to make girls think about themselves. Even brothers and sisters, even fathers, require a certain sense of distance. On the one hand, it can make girls grow better, and on the other hand, it can reduce the occurrence of "Electra" plots in girls, and it will also be helpful for future relationships and marriages.

However, everything must have a cause and effect, that is, we should pay attention to the difference between men and women, but we should not pay attention to the difference between men and women. For example, my friend Xiaomin, who is a nurse in the hospital, often has to contact some male patients. , and even some private parts of the patient. If the other person is treated as a male instead of a medical patient at this time, then the job will never be done well, and he will not even be a qualified nurse.

This statement holds true in work, and it holds true in life as well.

Not long ago, I saw a short video on Weibo. The content was that the elderly and seriously ill father was paralyzed in bed, unable to take care of himself, and he needed the help of others to complete it. In terms of personal hygiene, my father also wears adult diapers, although it is more convenient, but in hot summer, it needs to be replaced frequently, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable.

It was the young daughter who took care of the old father that day. It can be seen from the video that the old man was lying on the bed and could not move, but his consciousness was still relatively clear. The quilt below was opened to a corner, and he was wearing adult diapers at the moment, and the problem at the moment was The father needed a new one, but the daughter was embarrassed to replace it with her father because of "the difference between men and women", so she said to her father, "Ah, this, I can't replace it with you."

And this is also very embarrassing for the father, he did not answer, and then the daughter asked the father's opinion and asked, "Can you change?" The father still didn't speak, but from the expression on his face, it was very uncomfortable. I just don't know if it's uncomfortable for my daughter to change diapers, or the diapers she's wearing at the moment?

So the daughter replied immediately: "Then don't change it, just wait." It was not until the father's eldest son arrived that he changed a new one for him.

This incident aroused strong reactions from many people. Regarding her daughter's behavior of caring about the "gender difference" at the moment, the netizen "becoming a king" said: Did your father change your diaper when you were a child? Have a bath? Now it's starting to be hypocritical.

And the female netizen "attitude" shared her brother's experience of taking care of her old mother: my mother has been bedridden for two years, and it was my brother who took care of her. I went there once, and every time I went, my mother was even very clean and fresh, and my brother basically did the bathing work, and my sister-in-law basically didn't help, and if I didn't think about it, I wouldn't be embarrassed.

Although I don't know whether the video is true or not, for an elderly and seriously ill father, changing diapers is actually just a trivial matter. However, it is only from trivial matters that we can see people's hearts, human nature, and what is filial piety and filial piety.

To put it bluntly, parents need their children to take care of them when they are old. This is the same as the fact that children need their parents to take care of them when they are young and ignorant. At that time, parents had no difference between men and women for their children, and they did not dislike them. Then the children should not have men and women when they grow up. The difference, or dislike the feelings of parents, after all, "I raised you to grow up, you accompany me to grow old", this is the causal cycle that parents and children should have.

Besides, the father is seriously ill, and the daughter needs her meticulous care when she is with her. You should have been prepared for this before coming, otherwise, what does it mean to take care of the father? Is it just to talk and end the water?

What I can see from the woman's concern is not the embarrassment of "the difference between men and women", but the sadness of "no filial son before the bed for a long time". If you really love your father, then there will be no hesitation in this regard, as long as the father can be allowed to Comfortable, then no matter how hard and tiring life is, it is not a problem.

In fact, some people said that it is very likely that the father wants dignity and does not want his daughter to do these things. When I heard this reason, my first reaction was far-fetched. Maybe the father may have this consideration. However, as a biological child, if he can Do these things for yourself, then the feeling of happiness must be much more than shame. This kind of inner satisfaction and joy surpasses any supplements and nice words. This kind of filial piety is also what my father needs most at this moment.

A person's growth can really be a matter of a moment, usually when a loved one is sick, so that the son who had nothing to do becomes a man on his own, and the daughter who is as soft as water becomes a pillar that he can rely on. , I also feel deeply about this, and old age and frailty is a link that cannot be skipped, so the attitude of parents when they are seriously ill may affect their children, even if it is just for yourself The old you yourself also taste this kind of warmth and warmth.

In front of our parents, there is no difference between men and women, and there is no embarrassment. They are our only blood relatives, and we are their only children in the world. While they are still in good health, be more filial and keep their health longer, and even if Sickness also plays the role of being a child. Don't wait until you lose everything and regret it. Then it's too late.


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