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July 22, 2022

What should I do if I am allergic to diapers?

What should I do if I am allergic to diapers?

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In the hot summer, parents have to worry about skin allergies, food, clothing, housing and transportation, and now there is one more thing: allergies to diapers. As a commonly used close-fitting object for babies, diapers are essential. But what about diaper allergies? What kind of diapers should you choose for your baby to solve the problem of allergies? Parents don't need to panic, Mobain diapers help you solve the baby's "fart" problem and make the baby comfortable in the summer .

Small class: What are the causes of baby diaper allergies?

Generally speaking, baby diaper allergies are caused by the following reasons:

One of the reasons: the problem of tightness of diapers, too tight and not ventilated diapers may cause baby allergies.

Targeting method: When parents change diapers for their babies, the back is slightly higher than the abdomen, which can prevent urine from seeping out from the back. When putting on diapers for babies, first fix the left and right sides, and then adjust the hem of the waist and legs. This will not only prevent the leakage of urine, but also prevent the frills from chafing the delicate skin of the baby.

Reason 2: Not changing diapers in time

Some parents can't grasp the timing of changing diapers, so the diapers that have been passed out are not replaced in time, which leads to red buttocks or allergies. When the baby urinates, ammonia water is formed in the urine, which can easily irritate the baby's skin; while the stool contains digestive enzymes, which can also easily cause skin damage to the baby. Once the skin is damaged, it is easy to breed bacteria such as white mold, and the baby's delicate skin is prone to redness and allergies.

Countermeasures: Calculate the time to change diapers. Generally speaking, a diaper should not be used for more than 4 hours during the day. In addition, parents can pay more attention to the following time periods: 15-30 minutes after each feeding, before the baby goes to sleep, and after the baby wakes up, these time periods are the high-incidence periods for the baby to urinate; in addition, before taking the baby out To check it out.

The third reason: there is a problem with the quality of diapers

Targeting methods: You can choose diapers with guaranteed quality and better performance for your baby.

In general, the diapers suitable for babies in summer are light, soft and comfortable, with good breathability and strong absorption capacity. They can keep the little butt dry and at the same time make the little butt feel cool and comfortable, so that the active baby can play freely. burden.

Small class: baby diaper allergy precautions to keep in mind

After discovering that the baby is allergic to diapers, parents should pay attention to keeping the little butt dry at all times when caring for the baby's little butt. Change diapers in time after every bowel movement, wash your butt with warm water every time you change your baby's diaper, and apply a diaper cream containing Vaseline or zinc oxide, and then wipe it clean.
If the baby's diaper allergy is only a slight redness, then you can continue to use diapers. Allow the baby's butt to be exposed to the air at room temperature to increase the breathability, and then put it on after the little butt is dry. However, if the condition continues to develop, you must see a doctor and apply medicines to your baby according to the doctor's requirements.

Diapers are an indispensable personal product for babies. Once a diaper allergy occurs, many parents will panic for a while and don't know how to solve it. The editor here reminds parents to carefully observe and analyze the causes of baby allergies, and then solve them in a targeted manner.

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